New Designs Added to the Starborn Store!

I’ve just added a brand new collection to my merch shop called Starborn Style. These designs are perfect for anyone who wants to rep their Starborn love but don’t want to rock one of my illustrations out in the wild (don’t worry, I’m not offended!)

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Here’s a sample of what’s in store (ha, get it?)

Have inspo for designs you’d like to see added to the store? Just let me know! I’ll be adding more designs over time.

Happy shopping!

Welcome to 2018!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Wishing you all an incredible 2018! 🥂

I hope you like my EmMay Champagne dolls! Patreon patrons can get a high-res text-free version of this image, plus the line art for colouring!

Starborn Series Merch Now Available!

Ever wanted to get your hands on some merch from the Starborn Series?

After toying with the idea for a while I finally caved and made a Redbubble store!

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 9.38.03 AM

Most of the products available right now are stickers (up until now I haven’t been creating art with print quality in mind so options are a bit limited) but I do have some other products and will be adding more in the coming weeks.

Aside from getting yourself some cute swag, every purchase you make goes toward supporting my work so I can continue to make content for you!

If you make a purchase, please tweet pics to me @star_powered and I’ll share them!

How Embracing My Sexuality Helped Me Get My Creative Groove Back || by Maggie Derrick — BiblioSapphic

I was lucky enough to contribute a guest post on BiblioSapphic about how coming out as bisexual helped me reconnect with my creative side. Enjoy! ❤

From the time I was a child until I went off to university, I knew exactly who I was: an artist. Art was my everything; other interests came and went but drawing and painting were always there. Having a creative outlet helped me get through my parents’ divorce and, later, my tumultuous teen years. In […]

via How Embracing My Sexuality Helped Me Get My Creative Groove Back || by Maggie Derrick — BiblioSapphic

Character Commissions Now Available!

I’m gonna cut to the dear chase, friends: my dog is sick and I need money to do something about it so I’m opening commissions to the masses!

My dog is my whole damn world. Recently his back legs have started going out on him (and when you’re a 110lbs dog, not having use of your back legs really messes with your quality of life). He’ll need 5 to 8 x-rays to rule out any serious conditions and, in the mean time, his meds are hella expensive.

To help me get those x-rays asap I’m offering as many commissions as I can handle at my mailing list rate. I’ll draw real people, OCs, and existing characters (although I do reserve the right to decline if I think your request isn’t something I can take on).

There are four different types to choose from: sketch, lines, flats, and full colour. Every commission gets you a high res JPG as well as a PSD file. I’m only able to accept Paypal at this time and payment is required upfront.

Don’t want any art but still want to help my boof? I’m always accepting micro-donations via Ko-Fi!

Thanks everyone!

‘The Star and the Ocean Official Art Book’ Now on Wattpad

Before The Star and the Ocean was written into the book it is now, it existed as art.

Em, May, and all the rest have been finding their way onto sketchbook pages, notebook margins, and digital screens for ages – years in some cases. The girls in particular are constant sources of inspiration to me; they are my muses.

Between my own work, commissions, and fan art I’ve amassed a pretty big collection. With book one of the Starborn Series complete and TSATO coming up on its first anniversary, I thought it would be fun to compile an art book of some of my favourite pieces.

It took a bit of time to get everything the way I wanted (and goodness knows I’m still finding typos) but I’m excited to announce that the art book has officially gone live on Wattpad!

This will be a living project that I intend to update whenever I have new material. I’ve done my best to provide a bit of information for each piece and, in cases where the artwork was produced by other artists, their contact details as well!

Let me know what you think!

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TSATO Wattpad Feedback Contest: Win Art of YOUR Character!

Now that The Star and the Ocean is complete and I’m starting work on the sequel, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking with regards to how to make the story (and ultimately the entire series) as good as it can be before I proceed with publishing plans.

My idea behind posting the story online was to get feedback from early readers that I could use to improve. Back in September I actually revamped the first third of the book, including changing the prologue and making major rewrites to the opening chapter based on Wattpad user comments. Now that the story is complete, I’ve been trying to think of some way to continue to encourage comments, and I think I may have a bit of incentive for you!

I am offering a custom, digital drawing of one of YOUR story characters (full colour with a high res PDF emailed to you) in exchange for useful comments. Between now and the end of the month, anyone who leaves a minimum of three comments highlighting things that work well or need a bit of TLC throughout the Wattpad edition of The Star and the Ocean will be entered into a draw!

The “Rules”

  • Minimum of three comments throughout the entire book (i.e. not just clustered at the beginning. I’m looking for feedback on the WHOLE book!)
  • Comments should be helpful (pointing out things that work well and/or need polishing) BUT NOT RUDE. I can take constructive criticism but I won’t reward a jerk.
  • To be considered you should have all your comments made by Feb 28 at 11:59 pm MST.
  • You’ll get an extra entry for every reader you refer (they should mention it in at least one of their comments).

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 1st! Happy reading everyone – I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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