maggie headshotHi, I’m Maggie! I’m a bisexual writer, artist, and podcaster. I live in Vancouver, Canada where I spend my time creating things, indulging in the local food + booze scene, and getting emotional over dogs.

I’m currently working on my third novel, The Wind and the Horizon. My first work of fiction – The Star and the Ocean – was one of 50 winners in the 2017 Watty Awards – an international writing competition that saw over 280,000 entries. In late 2018 I will be seeking agent representation for a YA fantasy manuscript.

My first book, “The Star and the Ocean“, was completed in January 2017! The sequel, “The Wind and the Horizon, is being published chapter by chapter every Friday! Patreon subscribers are able to get new chapters a full month before they are available to the public.

Find me on:
Twitter: twitter.com/maggiederrick
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Patreon: pattern.com/MaggieDerrick
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