The Fire and the Sky

TFATS coverSeparated from her Starborn girlfriend, Em, and the rogue group of Wishes known as WIND, May Alana knows she can’t go back to life she once knew. Now, armed with a family secret that could help put an end to the chaotic power of the ruthless Loyals once and for all, May strikes out in search of the long lost fallen wishing star. Without Em at her side, May must rely on her own strength and determination, and put her faith in friends old and new, in order to return the star to its rightful place. The safety of all Wishes—and her future with Em—depends on it.

The Fire and the Sky is the third book in the Starborn Series. Read the first two books in the series now:
Book 1: The Star and the Ocean (Wattys 2017 winner)
Book 2: The Wind and the Horizon

Read: Wattpad

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