Love & Bubbles Returns! Preorder Now!

Ages ago I wrote about a story of mine that was picked up to be part of an indie anthology called Love & Bubbles. This collection of queer stories under the sea had originally been seeking publication funds via KickStarter. Unfortunately the campaign didn’t hit its target, but that wasn’t the end of the anthology!

Instead, intrepid and hardworking editors Jaylee James and Jennifer Lee Rossman decided to take an alternate route to bring this beautiful anthology to life. After months of hard work, the book is slated to come out in September and pre-orders are available now!

love and bubbles 1

If you’re interested in snagging a paperback or e-book copy of Love & Bubbles, and maybe getting some exclusive merch while you’re at it, check out the details on Gumroad. Once the book is released it will be available on Amazon. I’m also going to send an exclusive print to any of my Patreon subscribers who buy the book (either version!)

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