Updates: Everything is Exciting!

There has been a lot going on lately so I figured it was probably time for another update round-up post! Here are three quick pieces of news for you:

#1: I finished writing TWATH

Earlier this month I finally completed the first draft of The Wind and the Horizon! I went back and looked – would you believe it’s been just over a year since I started posting book #2 of the Starborn Series? It was both exhilarating and emotional to type those final words; not only is the story in a really intense place plot-wise, but it’s also really weird for me to think about the fact that I only have one book left to write in the series!

#2: I hit my first Patreon goal

As luck would have it, I finished TWATH right in the nick of time. A while ago I set a goal on my Patreon: once I hit a minimum of $50/month in pledges, I would post a new TWATH chapter every single day until the book was finished. I finally hit that goal over the weekend, so as of Monday my subscribers are getting exclusive early access to the final chapters of the book (they’re over a month and a half ahead at the time of this posting!)

If you’re dying to know what happens next, becoming a Patreon subscriber is the best way to find out! Plus, your pledges go toward helping me continue to create stories and art!

#3: I’m going back to school

I didn’t say anything publicly when I decided to apply for Simon Fraser University’s Writer’s Studio program because I didn’t want to have to deal with the embarrassment if I didn’t make the cut.

Well, on Monday I learned that I was not only accepted into this fall’s online campus, but I was also chosen in the first round of applicants!

I’ve had my heart set on attending the Writer’s Studio since first learning about it back when I moved to Vancouver. To have been hand chosen by my mentor for my preferred concentration is such an incredible honour and I cannot wait to start learning more about my craft!

I’ve got a couple more things to share, but I think I’ll give those their own posts.

Until next time, thanks for all the love and support!

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