Find Me in “Love & Bubbles – A Romance Anthology Under the Sea”!

In case you missed the announcement on Twitter, one of my short stories was selected to be included in the upcoming Love & Bubbles anthology! Seeing as this will be the first time any of my work has been published in a physical book, I’m pretty damn excited!

But before we can celebrate too much, we have to get the anthology produced, and to do that, editor Gaven (aka Jaylee James) has turned to KickStarter.



From the KickStarter page:

Love & Bubbles  is a collection of short stories of underwater romance. The characters range from classics like mermaids and selkies, to creative interpretations on the theme that take you to the Amazon river basin, alien water planets, and an ice-crusted lake.

We put out a call for love stories of all gender pairings and styles, and were surprised to discover the bulk of our submissions featured lesbian couples. Of the eleven base stories featured, eight feature relationships between queer women. We considered going ahead and focusing this anthology solely on queer women, but… I think you’ll agree the three stories featuring queer men and straight couples are well worth the uneven distribution of pairings!


By backing the KickStarter you not only get a copy (ebook or hardcopy, depending on your reward level) of this romantic anthology full of fanciful underwater characters, you can also get all kinds of extra goodies too!

The funds raised by the KickStarter go to all kinds of things: getting the book formatted and published, paying the editors and authors, getting a swanky cover made by a pro, and more!

Also, if the campaign hits its $8,500 stretch goal your’s truly will be creating a series of special illustrations for the book!


Yesssss! I’m planning on producing a special art piece inspired by my story. I’m offering my Patreon subscribers a chance to get an exclusive print of this piece in exchange for pledging to the KickStarter campaign!

Simply send proof of backing the campaign with $15 USD or more + a shipping address to me at maggiederrick85 [at]! Open to all paid Patron tiers!

I’m so excited about this project and I really hope we get to share it with you!

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