The Wind and the Horizon Posting Schedule (or, WTF Is Up With the Password Protected Posts?)

If you’re subscribed to my blog there’s a good chance you’ve noticed when I post new chapters of The Wind and the Horizon and… you can’t actually read them.

Now that we’re a couple weeks into the book’s launch, I’ve realized I never really explained how the scheduling was going to work!

Here’s the run down:

Subscribers to my mailing list get to read chapters a week before anyone else. When you see those password protected posts go live, you can expect them to stay that way until the following week to give those subscribers exclusive access (this excludes any post labeled “Mailing List Exclusive”. Those will always be password protected).

The following week the password protection will be lifted for the first chapter on Wednesday and the second chapter on Friday (the same chapters will go live on Wattpad at the same time).

Want to get in on the early access? Sign up for Maggie Mail here.

Don’t want to have to scroll back to find out what chapters are live? Check out the TWATH landing page here.

Happy reading, everyone!

Ko-Fi May

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