It’s Coming…

First of all, happy blog birthday to me!

According to WordPress, I set this humble site up one year ago today, which completely blows my mind. I feel like I’ve been at this so much longer than that. The last 12 months have been one hell of an adventure.

Second, I made a pretty exciting announcement over on Wattpad yesterday when I pulled the trigger and set up a save-the-date-style warming book for The Wind and the Horizon! I’m so close to being ready to start publishing new chapters of book two so I wanted to get the hype started.

The official cover reveal will be on July 1st, which is when I intend to start posting new chapters twice weekly. As with book one of the Starborn Series, The Star and the Ocean, I’ll be simultaneously publishing both the clean edition over on Wattpad and the complete edition here on Just like with TSATO, what I’m publishing online is considered a beta draft and, as such, I welcome your thoughts and comments so I can better prepare the ultimate final drafts for publishing!

Want to be one of the first to read The Wind and the Horizon? Subscribers to my mailing list will get exclusive access to chapters before they’re posted publicly! Want in? Sign up here!

Ko-Fi May

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