Happy, Happy Birthday

Woop woop! Today, May 23rd, is my birthday. I am older and maybe, maybe, a little wiser. But that’s about it, lol!

It’s taken me until this point in my life to really appreciate having a day set aside specifically for celebrating myself. I used to be modest and humble about it but now I don’t care – I’m my own biggest fan and you had better believe I’m living it up accordingly!

May’s birthday isn’t until September 29th but goodness knows she likes any reason to celebrate

But the fact that it’s my birthday also makes me think about where I was one year ago today. SO MUCH has happened in the last twelve months! A year ago I was just getting this blog set up and waiting impatiently for June to arrive because that was when I had decided I would start sharing May and Em’s world of The Star and the Ocean with everyone.

Since that time I’ve completed two novel drafts, had my words read by thousands of people (WTF!!) and made so many incredible friends along the way. I’m even almost ready to start posting The Wind and the Horizon, the sequel to The Star and the Ocean, beginning in July!

So, yes: happy birthday to me but thank you to every single person who has helped make this last year so incredible!

Ko-Fi May

One thought on “Happy, Happy Birthday

  1. Rowan Margerum says:

    Happy birthday! Congratulations on all of your amazing accomplishments!!!! ❤ Love that drawing of May, by the way 😉


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