Experimenting With In-World One-Shots

I’ve mentioned a couple times now that I’ve been writing short one-shot stories as exclusive freebies for my mailing list subscribers. This exercise has turned out to have an unintended yet awesome benefit that I thought I would share for my fellow writers to consider.

Aside from being a fun way to say thanks to the people who have chosen to invest their time (and occasionally their dollars) in my work, writing these stories has been the perfect way for me to take a break from my larger WIP without losing my writing momentum.

The stories I’ve been writing take place in the Starborn universe (so far just focusing on May and Em but I’ve got plans for other characters too). Writing them gives me the chance to be self-indulgent (*cough*Good Morning*cough cough*) without worrying about impacting the overall plot of the story, while simultaneously exploring the characters and their world. It’s turned out to be a writing exercise that keeps me working and inspired; I’ve already managed to iron out a couple of tricky issues that were slowing me down with book 2 just by giving my mind a bit more room to play.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with hang-ups when working on a writing project: walk away for a while, re-work the scene, write out of order, etc. But I’ve always struggled with most of these options. Not writing, especially when it means temporarily excusing myself from the story I’ve been so engrossed in, makes me feel unproductive (plus I miss my characters!) and writing out of order never really works for me. In-world one-shots let me stay with my characters without having to commit to anything more than a thousand-ish words.

The next time you find yourself struggling with your WIP (or even just needing a change of pace for a little bit) give an in-world one-shot a try! I’d love to hear how it works for you!

P.S. Are you interested in reading my next EmMay one-shot, Can’t Stop the Waves? Sign up for my mailing list before May 15th 2017 for access!

Ko-Fi May

3 thoughts on “Experimenting With In-World One-Shots

  1. manicprose says:

    You beat me to the punch with this topic! Dang. x’D
    Oh well, you explain my sentiments flawlessly. I totally agree with what you’ve said. It’s an extremely beneficial way to stay productive and inspired, but also gives you the freedom of stepping away from your main story. I’m definitely a fan now that I’ve actually tried it. Haha!


      • manicprose says:

        I’ve thought about it. But I have a lot of concerns and uncertainties I haven’t been able to work through yet. So I’m really just not sure.
        I’ll have to do a post about my stories and stuff soon then. Maybe that’s what I’ll do my next one on! Maybe. x’D


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