May Round-Up of Project Links

I genuinely thought I had a good idea for another blog post this week but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. So, in lieu of whatever that brilliant idea was (RIP) here’s a quick round-up of all the projects I have on the go right now!

  • I’m just putting the finishing touches on an EmMay one-shot called Can’t Fight the Waves. This fluffy short will be available exclusively to my mailing list subscribers later this month.
  • Speaking of my mailing list, have you subscribed yet? Maggie Mail Stars will get to read the sequel to The Star and the Ocean first, have monthly access to exclusive stories and artwork (including last month’s steamy one-shot, Good Morning), get special VIP rates on commissions and more!
  • Aaaaand speaking of commissions, I still have a few spots left at my VIP rates. Once I get enough to cover my dog’s x-rays the public prices will jump back up so if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time!
  • Lots of commissions = lots of nightly drawing warm-ups. Because it’s May, I’m doing a fun little project called #31DaysofMay over on Twitter where I share a new warm-up sketch of May every day! You can follow along on Twitter or wait for the weekly round-up in the TSATO Art Book on Wattpad. Pose suggestions are always welcome!
  • While I’m on the subject of Wattpad, I wanted to mention that The Star and the Ocean recently broke 60,000 reads! This month marks a full year for me on the platform and 11 months since the story went live. I am so overwhelmed with all of the love it has received in such a short period of time!
  • Progress on the TSATO sequel – The Wind and the Horizon – is coming along. With any luck I’ll be able to start posting next month. July at the latest!
  • I started a new Facebook profile specifically for writing-related shenanigans. Wanna be friends?
  • Oh, and I’ve started writing poetry… Should I share some of it or nah?

Okay, I think that’s it for now! Next time I post I promise it will be something of substance!

Ko-Fi May

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