Character Commissions Now Available!

I’m gonna cut to the dear chase, friends: my dog is sick and I need money to do something about it so I’m opening commissions to the masses!

My dog is my whole damn world. Recently his back legs have started going out on him (and when you’re a 110lbs dog, not having use of your back legs really messes with your quality of life). He’ll need 5 to 8 x-rays to rule out any serious conditions and, in the mean time, his meds are hella expensive.

To help me get those x-rays asap I’m offering as many commissions as I can handle at my mailing list rate. I’ll draw real people, OCs, and existing characters (although I do reserve the right to decline if I think your request isn’t something I can take on).

There are four different types to choose from: sketch, lines, flats, and full colour. Every commission gets you a high res JPG as well as a PSD file. I’m only able to accept Paypal at this time and payment is required upfront.

Don’t want any art but still want to help my boof? I’m always accepting micro-donations via Ko-Fi!

Thanks everyone!

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