Exclusives, Freebies, and More: Join My Mailing List! (Pretty Please?)

Alright, my friends. The time has come:

I’m starting a mailing list.

Ugh why?

Okay, I get it – we’re all signed up for more than enough mailing lists. But over the last many months I’ve been watching my website stats and what I’ve been seeing gave me pause.

My blog – and the first draft of The Star and the Ocean in particular – gets a respectable amount of daily traffic, but virtually no engagement. I can see all these people reading thought my work (and hopefully enjoying it!) but not letting me know one way or another. And that would be deflating if not for the fact that I know without question that I do have some very wonderful, loving, and loyal supporters.

Since starting this online adventure I’ve met and befriended some of the most incredible people; fellow readers, writers, and artists from all over the place. These people have all made a point of reaching out in one way or another, and its been their words and support than have encouraged me to keep pushing through the silence.

I’ve wanted to do something special for the people who have helped cheer me on for a while now. I think my mailing list might be just the way to do that.

Err, how so?

Think of this mailing list as a VIP club of sorts. Yes, one day I’d like to use it as another vehicle for promoting my books when I finally decide to publish but, more importantly, I want to use it to say thanks to the people who have shown me so much love over the past year. We’re talking exclusives. Freebies. Early access. The works.

Wait, what kind of exclusives and freebies? 

Everyone who subscribes to the mailing list (which I’ve maturely decided to call “Maggie Mail” and nothing you say or do will convince me to do otherwise) will get:

  • Early access to all future chapters The Wind and the Horizon (aka the sequel to The Star and the Ocean!)
  • First dibs on my commission slots (including some in the very first newsletter that will go out!)
  • Exclusive short stories and art pieces that no one else will get to see
  • The chance to influence what kind of content I create as part of those exclusives
  • Other cool and carefully curated content that I know you’ll love

Sweeeet. Anything else I should know?

Yes: I solemnly swear that I’m not going to spam your inbox.

I hate excessive newsletters just as much as you do. I also don’t have the time or energy required to send that many emails. Seriously.

You can expect one newsletter per month. When I start posting new story chapters, you’ll get a quick notification containing a password and a link a few days before the chapter goes live.

That’s it.

Hmm. Okay, let’s say I wanted to sign up… How would I do that?

You would click here and fill out the super quick form!

The first newsletter will go out in the beginning of May (a celebration of my first full year on Wattpad!) so if you want to get in on that goodness, now’s the time to sign up!

As always, thank you so much for all the love and support. It truly means the world to me!

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