TSATO News and Sequel Status!

One of these days I’ll do a blog post that isn’t just an update about the state of things I’m working on…

But today is not that day!

This morning I woke up and I checked my stats like I always do (it’s become a bit of a routine…) and was met with a huge surprise on Wattpad. You see, lately The Star and the Ocean has been hovering pretty consistently around the #130s with regards to overall ranking in the fantasy category. As far as I was concerned, it would have been amazing just to break the top 100!

So imagine my shock and excitement when I opened the app and saw that TSATO had skyrocketed to #28 overnight! The story is even sitting on the Fantasy Hot List right now, which is simply mind-blowing!

I don’t know how it long it will last, but still indescribably grateful for the pick-up and exposure this story is getting lately.

It’s with this in mind that I’m happy to say I’ve officially started writing the sequel! I’ll be tackling the majority of the writing next month during Camp NaNoWriMo (more on that soon!) but it feels really good to have all of the outlining behind me. I’ve missed Em and May and it’s so exciting to get back to writing them after a few months away!

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