Back At It Again

Hey, babes.

Sorry for the long gap between posts. In the last month I have:

  1. Lost my job
  2. Moved to another province (hello, Vancouver!)
  3. Started a new job
  4. Been working through three art commission projects

Needless to say, things have been hectic.

But I’m back now and I’m going to try to do a better job of updating now that I’m settled (although if you ever find yourself missing me, you can always try Twitter. I’m always on Twitter).

A few fun writing-related things have gone down over the last few weeks so here’s a quick recap:

  • On March 1st, The Star and the Ocean hit Wattpad’s Fantasy Featured List. It’s been incredible to see how many readers have managed to find the story in the last few weeks. As of today, TSATO is sitting at #163 overall in Fantasy. Still hoping to break the top 100!
  • TSATO also got another exciting feature on Wattpad this month! Thanks to my wonderful and talented friend, Brianna, TSATO was chosen as one of Wattpad’s official LGBTQ profile’s books of the month! This plus the feature has helped skyrocket the story’s reads to over 26k (over 10k in less than a month!)Check out the super sweet review Brianna submitted:

    It is a woman x woman magic realism story unlike anything I’ve ever read, unique, spellbinding, and a masterful work of art! Maggie Derrick has created a world that is all at once familiar, and yet exotic. The Star and the Ocean is a perfect escape into the lives of Em and May, two strong, charismatic characters, beset by adventure and forced to find their place in the world as individuals and as an “us”. Despite the unimaginable obstacles they face, Em and May’s story is the picture of what a healthy relationship should be that will leave your heart feeling emboldened and filled with love.

    Brianna’s f/f romance, Off Pitch (the story she wrote during this past NaNoWriMo) was also featured as an LGBTQ BOtM! It’s such a fun read so be sure to check it out (although, be warned: adult content, ahoy!)

  • Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I decided to join a cabin and give Camp NaNoWriMo a shot during the month of April. I’ll be gunning for 30k words toward the second instalment of The Starborn Series (ie the sequel to TSATO). Wish me luck!
  • While I haven’t had time to update it since publishing it, the TSATO art book has been performing really well on Wattpad. It’s already seen almost 2k reads in less than a month! Have you seen it yet? Check it out here and let me know what you think!
  • While I’m on the subject of art, I am officially accepting commission requests (although I won’t be taking on any new ones until April). I’ll make a post soon about options and pricing! If commissions aren’t your thing but you’d still like to help support my work (and earning my unending love and respect) please consider donating a couple of bucks via my Ko-Fi! It’s quick and easy and super appreciated ❤
  • I took the plunge and snagged a proper domain name. Catch my site at now!
  • Finally, today is the free-for-all #PitMad pitch party on Twitter! For fun I decided to throw out a pitch for The Witch’s Patron and, much to my surprise, it got a like from a publisher! Now I need to send the first five chapters and a synopsis to them for their review. Wish me luck!

Whew, that’s a lot. I’ll try to stay on top of things from now on!

What about you? Tell me about your projects and accomplishments in the comments!

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