‘The Star and the Ocean Official Art Book’ Now on Wattpad

Before The Star and the Ocean was written into the book it is now, it existed as art.

Em, May, and all the rest have been finding their way onto sketchbook pages, notebook margins, and digital screens for ages – years in some cases. The girls in particular are constant sources of inspiration to me; they are my muses.

Between my own work, commissions, and fan art I’ve amassed a pretty big collection. With book one of the Starborn Series complete and TSATO coming up on its first anniversary, I thought it would be fun to compile an art book of some of my favourite pieces.

It took a bit of time to get everything the way I wanted (and goodness knows I’m still finding typos) but I’m excited to announce that the art book has officially gone live on Wattpad!

This will be a living project that I intend to update whenever I have new material. I’ve done my best to provide a bit of information for each piece and, in cases where the artwork was produced by other artists, their contact details as well!

Let me know what you think!

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