Where to Share Your Web Fiction

I’ve never reblogged someone on WordPress before but I get asked this question a lot and Amy did a GREAT job of answering it!

Amy Notdorft

Being a writer poses a unique challenge — getting people to read your work.

That’s not to say being a musician, a visual artist, or any other kind of creator doesn’t entail its own obstacles (obviously recording a song or creating a film require a lot more teamwork and resources, for example), but in catching the attention of an audience they seem to have the upperhand. The investment required of a potential consumer to judge the media is fairly small — listening to a two minute song, skimming through a DeviantArt gallery, watching a movie trailer  — and the time it takes to form their opinion is minimal.


This is because other forms of media elicit an initial sensory response, but writing doesn’t.

Sure, you can say reading is a sensory experience in so far as you use your eyes to read the words and your fingers to turn a page (or click a mouse…

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