NaNoWriMo Progress Report + Updates

NaNoWriMo Progress


Last week was a NaNoWriMo disaster. I know the second full week of NaNo is usually hard for most participants, which is the only hope I’m clinging to at this point because damn. Between lots of after-hours work obligations and taking the weekend to go to the city (I saw Mamma Mia! with a group of friends and it was amazing. I didn’t realize how badly I needed to just gtfo for a while) I got just over 3,000 words written last week.

Yeah, that’s it.

To make matters worse, there are already two nights this week that I have after-hours events to work. Not being able to put aside my own personal time to this project is really getting to me.

Still, I’m not calling it quits yet. There are two and a half weeks left in the month and I’ve already told everyone around me that my weekends are off limits. I even have a day off I need to use in the next couple of weeks and I’m literally planning on spending the whole thing writing.

I WILL finish this draft before the month is over, dammit!

Other Writing Updates

I made a decision last week to completely blow up my The Star and the Ocean schedule and plan our the rest of my writing projects to the end of 2017.

Intense, I know.

Originally I said I would be sticking with the regular publishing schedule and posting new TSATO chapters every Tuesday and Friday throughout the month of November. However, numbers have been way down this month across all platforms (a lot of which I’m chalking up to NaNo, the fact that it’s exam time for a lot of people, and just the general state of the world right now). With this in mind, I don’t feel it makes sense for me to bust my ass getting new chapters up if no one’s reading at the moment anyway.

So, here’s the plan moving forward:

  • For the rest of November I will only be posting new TSATO chapters on Fridays (that means there are two more updates this month).
  • I will spend the rest of the month focusing on completing The Witch’s Patron (my NaNo novel).
  • In December, I will spend the two weeks before I leave on vacation finishing The Star and the Ocean (yes, we’re that close!)
  • Everything left remaining for The Star and the Ocean will be posted all at once after my editor has had the chance to go over it.
  • I will have The Witch’s Patron reworked and edited* so I can post it in early 2017 (*if you’re interested in being a beta reader for this novel, please let me know!)
  • I will begin re-working Book 1 of TSATO while simultaneously writing Book 2 in the spring of 2017. I hope to have draft one of Book 2 ready to post before next year is over.


What about you? Let me know what your writing schedule looks like and/or how your NaNo progress is going! If you’re behind like me, don’t worry: we’re all in this together!

8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Progress Report + Updates

    • maggiederrick says:

      Ha ha, thanks! I love how it gives you an ambitious but attainable goal + awesome community to connect with. Still, I never realized just how little of my time is actually my own until now and it sucks!


  1. Dolores Fawn says:

    Sorry your numbers are down but I admire your determination and ability to hold down multiple projects at once! I’d be happy to be a beta reader by the way. If you’re into YA fiction I’d be happy to do a swap, even.


  2. Akaluv says:

    Hey! I’m not doing NaNo, but my catch up month is going well. I’m almost done with chapter 19 of Clash of Tides, and I’m also working on the next chapter of Love for an Angel.


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