The Star and the Ocean: Prologue

“I want you to know the truth.” Em looked down at May, hunched over her mug on an old folding chair, and gave her a weak smile. “If it’s too much, just say so, okay? Just say the word and I will get the hell out of your life.”

May’s mouth went dry. Suddenly she wasn’t sure what she wanted anymore.

“O-okay?” she agreed meekly.

Em shook out her hands. She took a step toward the edge of the deck. The perimeter was fenced, more for aesthetics than safety, with solid wooden posts spaced evenly around the edge and connected by relaxed lengths of nautical rope.

Em stepped onto one of the low posts, balancing precariously.

May tensed. With her dancer’s reflexes, she was instinctively aware of every muscle needed to balance on that post safely. Em was one wrong flinch away from an awful accident. It was a fifteen foot drop from the deck to the sand below.

Em glanced over her shoulder at May and smiled again. “Last chance. Are you sure you want to get to know me better?”

Breathless with curiosity and a growing sense of worry, May nodded ever so slightly.

Em stepped forward from the post and off the deck, feet touching air.

May’s mug of tea shattered at her feet, abandoned.

But her panic for Em’s safety was soon replaced with panic of a different kind.

Em had not, in fact, plummeted to the ground beneath them.

She floated eerily in the air. A  gentle pulsing emanated from Em body, suspended much like one might look if they were under water. Em’s already spectral skin had a gentle glow to it. Her long silver hair wafted effortlessly around her.

Em turned. Everything about her flowed dreamily. She locked eyes with May, those pale eyes shining bright. She grinned as if she couldn’t help but find the whole situation humorous.

She spoke, breaking the dream-like haze between them. “Here’s the thing…”

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Ko-Fi May

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