Hiatus and Upcoming Changes to The Star and the Ocean

Hello friends and fans of The Star and the Ocean!

I wanted to let you know that TSATO will be going on another brief hiatus (I know, I’m sorry) beginning emmediately.

I will be taking the next week or two to address some feedback I’ve received on the story in order to make it stronger.

If you’ve been following along this whole time, don’t worry: the overall content won’t be changing and, once the changes have been made, you won’t have to go back and re-read the new version unless you’re curious.

Here is what will be changing:

  1. A revamped opening (same material, just edited and rearranged)
  2. New chapter structure (three overall parts to the story, which will feature shorter chapters throughout)

These changes will help make the beginning more compelling as well as improve the general pacing of the story.

Because of these changes, I don’t anticipate being able to make regular chapter illustrations anymore. That said, I’m still open to working with artists on standard images that can be used to represent any of the story’s three parts. If you are an artist and interested in working together on these illustrations, please contact me about commission opportunities! These will be full colour, two characters with backgrounds. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding! I hope you’ll love the refreshed version of The Star and the Ocean as much as I think you will!



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