Reading, Writing and Rest

Sometimes stepping back from deadlines can be just what a person needs!

I decided to take last week off from updating The Star and the Ocean to give myself a bit of time to regroup and get ahead in my writing. I was feeling stressed and pressed for time and I didn’t want those feelings to impact my writing.

Taking that time off turned out to be the best decision I could have made! Not only did I manage to get a couple of new chapters of TSATO in the bag but I also wrote a 1,400 word personal essay that I submitted for Gay YA‘s Bisexuality Awareness Week Series AND started a short Steven Universe fanfiction. WHO AM I?


I know, I’m surprised too.

Oh, and now that I’ve amassed a fairly decent collection of TSATO fan art and commissions, I decided to build a gallery. Check it out!

The Star and the Ocean returns tomorrow with a BIG chapter and marks a personal first for me (who’s nervous? I’m not nervous YOU’RE NERVOUS). I’l also try to squeeze in Part Two of Defiance some time this week as well.

How have you been doing with your reading and/or writing? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Reading, Writing and Rest

  1. amynotdorft says:

    I am horrible with rest. I was recently wondering why I’ve been having trouble brainstorming and writing new content… and then I was like… oh yeah. When’s the last time I had a moment to actually think? Like… just THINK about nothing in particular. I’m trying to make a point of leaving space to breathe and daydream now, though it’s hard with a two-year old running and screaming through the house lol. I think it’s so important to the creative process though. I’m glad you had a chance to pull back and simultaneously be super-productive! 🙂


    • maggiederrick says:

      The funny thing about my week of rest was that it was actually really busy. I spent most of my evenings putting in overtime at the office. But what I did do was removed all of my other personal writing/reading obligations and told myself the only thing I HAD to do was write. No marketing, no extra reading, and no formatting and cross-promoting new chapters be specific deadlines. Even though I was still technically really busy, taking the pressure off myself made all the difference. I hope you manage to carve out a bit of downtime for yourself!


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