UPDATED: It’s Time to Choose a New Cover for The Star and the Ocean

A week or so ago I got a comment on Wattpad suggesting that I may want to consider changing the cover of The Star and the Ocean. The commenter pointed out that the current cover kind of makes the story look like a teen romance, which it most definitely is not.

I completely agree.

I threw the current cover together for fun way back before I even started writing the story. I liked the design in general, but I wasn’t necessarily convinced it was the cover for TSATO. But designing a new one got pushed to the back burner is favour of, y’know, writing the story.

Anyway, getting that comment helped cement the idea that the story definitely needed a new look. Between the story starting to see an increase in readership plus it being in the running for The Wattys, now seemed like a good time.

Unfortunately, I tend to get a bit carried away with this stuff and now I’m sitting with a buttload of new covers to choose from.

So, I’m looking for help deciding! There are three overall design categories with the same background images in each to choose from. If you are someone who is familiar with the story, I would REALLY appreciate your help narrowing things down!

Ready? Here’s what we have to choose from:

Group #1: Simple and Clean

Group #2: Be Bold

Group #3: Something New

As you can see, it’s quite the assortment. For sake of reference, all of these images come from Unsplash, a collection of royalty free, free-use images. UPDATE: I just added one last design to each category, featuring an image edit from my friend Athena (it’s still a rough mock-up of the final edit though, so don’t let that dissuade you!)

There are 36 designs to choose from. Which one do you think should be the new cover of The Star and the Ocean?

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: It’s Time to Choose a New Cover for The Star and the Ocean

  1. Brianna says:

    I like the Em design best, and I think I’d pick group one. I like the way you darkened it. It really kicks up the contrast and makes her glow.

    I also really like the Shooting Star mockups I’m torn between groups 2 and 3 for that one. The colors are entirely eye-catching.

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  2. amynotdorft says:

    I agree with the others that the Shooting Star ones (Groups 2 and 3 in particular) are very eye-catching. For some reason I’m also partial to the pink waves ones too (Group 2 in particular) – the colours just really remind me of the overall feeling of the story. That warmth mixed with a sort of beauty and mystery. 🙂


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