The Star and the Ocean: Status Update!

Just a heads-up for any “The Star and the Ocean” fans out there: I have some good news, some bad news, and then a bit more good news for you. A news sandwich, if you will.

Good news #1: After some careful consideration and the blessing of my editor, I’ve decided that I’m going to start updating twice weekly from now on! Beginning either next week or the week after, expect to see new chapters every Tuesday and Friday! Woo!

Bad news: Moving to a twice weekly schedule means that I need to give myself a bit of time to prepare, which means there won’t be an update this Friday. I know it’s not ideal, but the break will give me time to increase my buffer of chapters and start building a buffer of artwork so that I never have to worry about falling behind. Plus, my editor needs a bit of extra time to get ahead on what I already have written. Please bear with us!

Good news #2: When TSATO returns, chapter 5 will feature artwork by the incredibly talented, Olivia Moy! She was the first artist I ever commissioned to draw Em & May, so this is really special to me. I’ve already had a sneak peek at what she’s working on and I’m SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU! If you’re interested in working with Olivia on some custom artwork (traditional or digital) please check out her commission info!

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