Tumblr’s Reading/Writing Ask Meme

Every so often I find a great writing post on Tumblr and I think, “this would be great for my writing blog”. Then I remembered that copy/paste and linking back to sources is a thing (it is 2016, after all) and ta-dah! Here we are.

This originated as one of those ask memes. If you’re not familiar with how these things work (then first of all, please tell what it’s like not to be a slave to Tumblr dot com) the idea is that you reblog the post and your followers can send you questions from it that they’d like you to answer.

I’m not naive enough to think that anyone here would send me questions, but I do think it’s a fun way to get to know the author in a way that’s specific to writing! Soooo I just answered all of them. You can find the original post here!

Answers are under the cut!

1: Do you/would you like to write professionally?
Technically I do write professionally (copywriting) but I’d be lying if I tried to act like being a novelist who actually gets paid to write stories hasn’t been a dream of mine forever.

2: Which author has influenced you the most?
At this point it’s probably cliche to say JK Rowling but, what can I say? Her prose, imagination, and talent for world-building is remarkable. I can only hope to one day write something as captivating as ‘Harry Potter’ is.

I also really adore Garth Stein. He’s not one to write something trope-y just to sell books. His ideas are always creative and just “out there” enough to be different, but crafted carefully enough to work.

3: Any guilty pleasures (books/fics)?
Nnng, I really loved the pearlmethyst fic “Eight Drinks” by the-groundskeeper back when it was updating. I also look forward to every new chapter of “A Long Way From Home” by usuallybutts with the quivering zeal of a dog waiting for its person to come home (I’ve mentioned this very well-written but very NSFW jaspearl fix before).

4: What’s better (or the least bad): character over plot or plot over character?
I have read good stories were the character was essentially just a vehicle to move the reader through the plot, but I have never read a strong story where the plot was sacrificed in favour of fixating on the characters.

5: Do you think stories can change lives? Is there a story that has changed yours?
Of course they can! For me, stories have always just been wonderful escapes or they have planted seeds that later bloomed into new interests, friends, and creative pursuits. But I’ve heard of so many people that have felt that certain books have completely changed – even saved their lives.

6: What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to writing?
Having an idea but not being able to write it in a way that does the vision in my mind justice.

7: Do you listen to music while you write/read?
Never when I read and only occasionally when I write. If I’m listening to music when I write then it needs to match the tone of the scene I’m working on and has to be low enough in volume to just provide atmosphere. That said, if I’m working in a cafe and there’s music playing there, I do a remarkably good job of tuning that out altogether.

8: Favorite quotes?
“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” Albus Dumbledore

“There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the  one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

9: If you could wish for a new book from any author, who would it be?
Let’s be honest – I would love another Wizarding World book from JK Rowling. I guess I’ll have to settle for the script for ‘The Cursed Child’.

10: What’s your favorite trope?
I have been giving this a lot of thought an honestly I don’t know. If something ever comes to me though, I’ll come back and update this!

11: What’s your (least) favorite overused trope?
I have no time for brooding special snowflakes as main characters. I don’t know what the name is for this trope but it drives me crazy. Oh, also the sexy billionaire/naive young girl pairings. Blech.

12: Which trope would you absolutely abolish?

13: Are there any tropes you’re embarrassed for enjoying?
Fool for love. The idea of a character who is otherwise tough or detached, save for the one person they’re hopelessly devoted to, gets me (almost) every time.

14: Do you have a go-to AU?
Anything super common place – workplace, coffee shop, etc. I love AUs that let me see characters explored in normal settings (unless that’s where they started, in which case I’m not sure).

15: What kind of character do you wish you saw portrayed more often?
More bisexual characters that aren’t treated as sexual deviants just because they happen to be into more than one gender, please and thank you. Also, more LGBT characters that have more to their characters/stories than just their sexuality.

16: What’s more frustrating: plotholes or OOC characters?
Plothoooooles, dammit!

17: What’s more draining: writing smut, fluff or angst?
For me, it’s angst. I try to really get into the head-space of the characters, especially when I’m writing scenes that are emotionally demanding. I find imagining their angst is just as draining as actually living it out in real life!

18: Are you a ‘neatly designed outline’ writer or a ‘whatever I’ll figure it out as I go’ writer?
Neatly designed outline FOR SURE. I have an entire notebook for my plot points and character profiles that I carry around with me and update regularly. In fact, I secretly wish that my outlines were even more detailed than they already are. It makes me feel like Monica Geller from ‘Friends’…

19: Do you think major character deaths are ever necessary?
Totally. Life is messy. What I don’t like, however, is when a major character is killed off for shock value. If you’re going to kill off a character make sure you carefully consider the necessity of their death, whether or not it adds anything to the story, and how you’re going to handle it in your writing.

20: If you could ‘unkill’ any character from any story, who would it be?
Sirius Black from ‘Harry Potter’. I’m still not over it.

21: Would you like to write an alternative ending for any of your favorite shows/books/etc?
I’m trying to think of a book or show ending that I’ve been legitimately unhappy with and honestly, I’m coming up short. So, no.

22: Are you more likely to be the person who starts reading a 100k slow burn fic at midnight or the person who starts writing a drabble at 4 a.m.?
Drabble at 4 am. Having an idea that can’t wait until morning would be one of the only things that would keep me from enjoying sleep.


23: Fluff or angst?
Booooooth? (Sorry, can’t make me choose)

24: Fantasy or sci-fi?

25:Fake dating AU or impromptu babysitting AU?
Fake dating

26: Road trip AU or high school AU?
Just like in real life: road trip!

27: Coffee shop AU or florist AU?
Coffee shop

28: Stuck in an elevator AU or camping gone bad AU?
Oooh, tough one. Both have their merits but I like camping so that one.

29: 20s AU or 50s AU?
20s. Give me flappers or GTFO

30: High school AU from a fantasy/sci-fi story or fantasy/sci fi AU from a realistic story?
High school from a fantasy/sci-fi story

31: Mythological creature AU or superhero AU?
Mythological creature >:)

32: Meet cute or meet ugly?
Aw, meet cute for sure ❤

If you do this on your own blog, be sure to leave a comment here so I can check out your answers!

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