Em and May by Alexia B

The Dream: Character Art

As much as I like to consider myself artistically inclined, I am not nearly as talented in real life as I am in my head.

Like, at all.

When I was a kid and teenager, art was my everything. I drew and coloured and painted virtually every day of my life. And the thing about churning out art that frequently is that you can’t help but get better. Art is one of those things that you have to do (and do often) if you want to improve at it.

But when university rolled around I first lost the time and then the motivation to keep up with art. I started my career and that became my sole focus. It would take nearly a decade for me to start picking up a pencil and drawing on the regular again.

In the last year I’ve restocked my art supplies and I try to draw or doodle as much as I can, even if no one ever gets to see it. And now that I’ve started creating painted illustrations for each chapter of “The Star and the Ocean“, I’m putting myself in a position where I need to create a finished piece almost every week. I don’t necessarily love everything I’m putting out there, but at least I’m trying, right?

Now, if there’s one thing that I think all writers can agree on, it’s that there are few things as thrilling as seeing someone else’s art and interpretation of your characters. Sure, I draw Em and May all the time, but that’s not nearly as fun.

When I have the funds and an artist I love has space, I’ll purchase a commission. It’s been so much fun to see how these different artists bring my girls to life (and goodness knows they do a much better job at it than I would).

The pieces above were made for me by Alexia B and Olivia Moy (I also have a new NSFW piece by Jill V aka the-groundskeeper under the cut below!)

As long as I’ve got the cash, I’m always happy to support my favourite artists with commissions. But honestly, I will know that my story has finally struck a chord the day that someone sends me fanart of one of my characters.

Seriously, I will lose my god damn mind.

[UPDATE: Well I’ll be damned – two days after this post it actually happened.]

Has anyone every drawn fanart of one of your characters? How incredibly awesome did that feel? Do you draw your own art of your characters? Link it up in the comments – I wanna see!

[Chapter One of “The Star and the Ocean goes live on Friday! I hope you’ll check it out!]

More art under the cut!

No, I’m clearly not above NSFW art either *wink wink nudge nudge*

Em & May making out by Jill V aka the-groundskeeper

*thumps up emoji*

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