The Star and the Ocean – Story Summary


Group #3: Shooting Star

For years, May Alana has been quietly rebuilding her life after a scandal left her scorned and on her own in the isolated island village she called home. Desperately lonely and at constant war with herself, she had almost given up hope that her life would ever be more than obediently trying to redeem herself when Em, a strange and wonderful vagabond, mysteriously washes up on the beach.

The stranger brings with her waves of change; Em comes to entrust May with a brilliant secret and, placing their faith in each other, they begin to navigate the uncertain waters of new beginnings and self acceptance.

But as Em’s past starts to catch up with her, May has to make a choice: stay tied to the only life she’s ever known or embrace the dangerous new world waiting for them both beyond the shores of her island home?

“The Star and the Ocean” is currently a stand-alone with series potential, to be released chapter by chapter twice per week.

This work of fantasy falls into the sub-genre of magic realism and focuses on LGBTQA (wlw) characters.

This work is a paranormal fantasy focusing on LGBTQA characters. Due to strong language, sexual content and mild violence this work is intended for mature readers. The story will be published here, on Wattpad, and on Tumblr. Due to content restrictions on Wattpad, complete and uncensored version of this story will be simultaneously publish here and on Tumblr.

Cover image provided for free use on
Cover design by Maggie Derrick

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